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create lift programme hypopressives coaching
  • 'Create Lift' is a highly specialised, evidence-based pelvic floor recovery programme using the Hypopressives technique. Our evidence shows that on average, women are experiencing an 85% improvement in their symptoms after completing the programme! 

  • Learn a whole body, low pressure fitness technique you can use for life, that calms the nervous system and strengthens the whole body

  • Activate your deep core muscles  to support healthy pelvic floor and core function and support your back 

  • Improve your posture, slim your waistline, tone your body and improve your sex life

  • Individually tailored to you and your body during 1:1 sessions​

How does it work? 

 11 x 1:1 coaching sessions over a 3 month period

Online via Zoom or in person by arrangement

Lifetime access to supporting video content - all poses and flows & free advanced content to sustain your practice

Tracking of your symptoms to offer personalised adaptations

Anytime support in-between sessions to keep you on track 

Practical tips to build your new habit into your life

Welcome gift box including specialist equipment for the programme, a set of pose cards and a beautiful NEOM candle  



or pay in up to 6 monthly installments at no extra cost 

'Introduction to Hypopressives' Taster

Book a 40 minute taster session with me to start learning the basics, find out more about Hypopressives and how the technique could help you


Posing in Lingerie
"The benefits of doing the programme have been remarkable; longstanding symptoms I have endured for many years have measurably improved as has my overall posture and wellbeing"
trauma informed care and support for you during hypopressives.

My trauma-informed promise to you

I know that pelvic floor difficulties can often go hand in hand with the experience and impact of trauma. It's important to me that you feel feel safe and supported on this journey with me. This is my promise to you;


I will treat you with respect and communicate clearly and transparently. 

I will maintain confidentiality.

I will support you on your Hypopressives journey compassionately, being mindful of any trauma you have experienced. 

If you are experiencing trauma symptoms or mental health difficulties as a result of your birth, or your pelvic floor symptoms,  I can signpost you to get the right support 

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