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hypopressive exercises are a whole body technique to strengthen your whole body, retrain your core muscles, and create optimal function in the pelvic floor

Do you want to.....

  • resolve pelvic floor difficulties like leaking, heaviness, discomfort or issues going to the toilet? 

  • build tone and flexibility, and release tension in the pelvic floor?

  • recover after having a baby ?

  • invest in your body before, during and after menopause ?

  • improve your core strength ?

  • calm your nervous system ? 

  • improve your sex life ?

  • tone your waistline ?

  • stop going to the toilet so often ?


Outdoor Yoga

Hypopressives for your whole body 

  • low pressure fitness technique

  • improves posture and alignment in the body

  • activates deep core muscles 

  • tones waistline 

  • top to toe toning and strengthening 

  • provides a myofascial release (release of connective tissue in the body)

for the pelvic floor

  • Unique breathwork creates a negative pressure in the abdominal and pelvic cavity which draws up on the pelvic floor and creates an amazing LIFT

  • Breathing into your ribs and chest activates your diaphragm which moves together with the pelvic floor

  • Breathing technique enables the pelvic floor to contract AND relax 

  • Dynamic poses engage the muscle chains in the body which work to support a full range of movement and flexibility in the pelvic floor 

Woman's Torso Lying
Green Forest
Forest Trees

Hypopressives for wellbeing

  • Deep breathwork calms the nervous system and signals to your body that you are safe

  • Activates the parasympathetic nervous system which relaxes your body and helps you to feel calm

  • Building pelvic floor tone and flexibility which improves sexual experience

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